Der handgemachte Ordner aus Holz

Ein Statement für Nachhaltigkeit

Handgemachte Holzordner mit individueller Gravur

Was ist Nimmerholz?

The short and simple answer: wooden folders.

The long one: a little more than just a folder. Never wood, these are handmade and high-quality alternatives to the boring and ugly disposable file folder. Lovingly handcrafted in the southern Black Forest, finished with engravings and treated with the utmost care.

But a never wood is more than that: in every wooden folder there is also an awareness of more sustainability in life. They are a statement for high-quality products and have been your companion for a lifetime.

Every file folder is unique and as unique as you are! On top of that, you have the opportunity to customize each folder according to your wishes and personalize it with a personal engraving. Feel free to look around in the shop or design your own folder very easily.

Pro verkauften Ordner wird ein Baum gepflanzt

Das macht Aktenordner aus Holz so besonders

Nimmerholz Ordner sind…

  • Einzigartige Unikate
  • Hochwertig und in Handarbeit produziert
  • Robust, stabil und super langlebig
  • Nach deinen Wünschen individualisierbar
  • Ein Statement gegen die Wegwerfgesellschaft
  • Holzordner, die einfach nur grandios aussehen
  • Ein haptisches Erlebnis

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Yes, never wood folders are very sustainable. By short transport routes of climatic footprint is kept as small as possible and there is a large proportion of manual work respected. Due to the low energy consumption during production, very little CO2 is emitted per folder. In addition, a tree is planted for each folder sold by our partner organization

Never wood folders are very durable . The hinges do not wear out and the corners cannot fray. If something should break, all parts can simply be replaced , since they are only screwed on. This means that the entire folder does not have to be replaced, but can be repaired.

A wooden folder weighs about 750g . It sounds a lot at first, but once you have it in your hand, you think: “Wow, it really is”. For comparison: a plastic folder also weighs approx. 550g.

You can personalize Nimmerholz file folders with an individual engraving . You can have text, shapes, logos, ornaments, flourishes and figures engraved. So almost everything. The only limitation: Only areas and outlines can be engraved. Unfortunately, pictures and photos cannot be engraved.

All never wood folders are made of light poplar wood. They get the color from a special pigment color, which is sealed with a clear lacquer. Most of the wood comes from northern Italy and has a transport distance of approx. 300 km. Although China is the largest poplar wood producer and the wood is cheaper to buy there, we do not want to accept long transport routes and therefore pay attention to a smaller climate footprint

Das sagen Kunden über Nimmerholz

Oh mein Gott – der Ordner ist hervorragend!!!!! Lorenzo, den hast du echt toll gemacht!!!!!! Nächstes Jahr werde ich einen weiteren bestellen, kannste dich schon mal drauf einstellen! Ich bin jedenfalls höchst begeistert und der Ordner ist wirklich jeden Cent wert!!! (Auch mein Mann, der überaus kritisch ist bei sowas, ist mega begeistert!) Also, großes Lob und ein Riesen-Dankeschön


I got this folder as a photo album for my 50th birthday. Great idea. Beautiful !!! Great color, great quality, perfect engraving! A noble, long-lasting memory that is too good to put on the shelf. This folder belongs on a pedestal. Thank you very much, I will definitely recommend Neverwood